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Play-Out Composer

Play-Out Composer combines multiple display functionality from a single media processor to create stunning presentations of virtually any size or shape. 


How it works

Play-Out Composer is a multi display and playback system that creates a 'display area' with edge blending function and can be setup in any size or shape. Users can view video, images, web pages, IP streams or a live input from an external source (DVI, HDMI, HD, SDI)

Within the display area all media windows can be freely moved, resized, blended or made to overlap one another. The user friendly software ensures ease of use for the operator and users can easily select from the media bank video, images, web pages, IP streams and live inputs via drag and drop into the display area. The operator can interact live with the display area, quick and easy.

Fully versatile - an unlimited amount of graphic outputs can be used to act as one display area and the number of display windows produced can be numerous.

There is nothing on the AV businesses that can be compared with Play-Out Composer. It is simple "an all in one media handling processor". 


Available Models

  • Video SD, 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 5760x1080p, 7680x1080p

  • Any size image

  • Web page (works like any standard interactive web page with flash functionality)

  • IP stream (an IP source will appear as a media source)

  • Live feed from PC or camera source

  • Media element: Text, RSS, Twitter, Clock, Date


Media Handling

Play-Out Composer is a stand alone Media Processor in three models

  • 2 inputs/4 outputs

  • 4 inputs/ 4 outputs

  • 6 inputs/8 outputs


Creative Visualisation

  • Edge blending

  • Any shape

  • Geometry

  • Interaction

  • PC and live source

  • Production

  • External control