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Play-Out Signage and Play-Out Composer

As digital signage becomes increasingly popular within the advertising world, capturing your audience's attention can be difficult and expensive. However getting the right message to your desired audiences could not be simpler with Mitsubishi's new digital signage software system,  Mitsubishi's Play-Out Signage and Play-Out Composer is compatible with our full range of projectors, LCD monitors, LED screens and display wall solutions.

Play-Out Signage , a complete information system solution

The Mitsubishi Electric Play-Out Signage solution can be set up in any size. Depending on the users needs, a management system can be utilized and users can control several local systems no matter where on the globe they are located. Users can create content and playlists centrally and then upload to an FTP server from which each display client downloads its specific information. Play-Out Signage can be used with a variety of configurations, from small display systems to large impact display walls.

Play-Out Signage has been disigned as a cost effective professional network programme that enables the display of dynamic and creative visuals ideal for information, advertisements and broadcasting.

Play-Out Composer, a multi-display and playback system

Play-Out Composer, a high-end live media handling and cue based content delivery system with multi display and edge blending functionality. With Play-Out Composer it is easy to "compose" image, web pages, IP streams, video, sound and live feeds in a impressive show across multiple display areas, of virtually any size or type of display screen. Play-Out Composer allows users to interact and move sources in real-time, dragging and dropping across the screen

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